Reading lists for the Sixth Senedd

Published 10/11/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

Our reading lists draw together the key sources of information about specific policy areas in Wales. They include background information about policy areas in the Welsh Government’s Programme for Government 2021-26, the Co-operation Agreement between the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru, our summary of the key issues facing the Sixth Senedd published in May 2021 and many more.

You can use our reading lists as an introduction to a new subject, to find out where you can access information, or to explore an issue in more depth.

For more information and bespoke research support, Members of the Senedd and their staff can contact our expert subject researchers.

Children, education and lifelong learning
Children and young people
School-age education
Tertiary education and research
Economy, communities and local government
Business and economy
Cost of living, poverty and social security
Employment and skills
Media and communications
Voluntary (third) sector and communities
Environment and transport
Agriculture, forestry and food
Animal welfare
Climate change, energy, air quality and waste
Marine and fisheries management
Nature conservation
External and constitutional affairs
Finance and statistics
Finding statistics about your constituency and region
Health and social policy
Equality and human rights
Health services
Mental health
Public health

COVID-19 pandemic (health)

Social care

Article by Senedd Research, Welsh Parliament