The Senedd relies on high quality expertise and research to make laws, debate important issues, and hold the Welsh Government to account.

‘Knowledge exchange’ is the sharing of ideas, evidence, and experience between researchers and research users – who are, in this case, Members of the Senedd (MSs) and Senedd staff.

The Senedd offers many opportunities for researchers from universities, think tanks, and other research organisations to contribute to its work.

Senedd Research is the in-house research service for Members of the Senedd and Senedd committees. We work closely with researchers from Wales and beyond to broaden, deepen, and diversify the evidence that’s used to inform democratic debate.

We also produce resources to support the exchange of information and expertise between the research community and the Senedd.

Read more about the Senedd’s approach to knowledge exchange in our strategy.

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Engaging with the Senedd as a researcher can bring many benefits