COVID-19 statistics dashboard

Published 24/09/2021   |   Last Updated 24/09/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

Our COVID-19 dashboard shows data on cases, tests and deaths in Wales. We’ve included summary charts which will largely be updated daily and may be revised as published data changes.

Senedd Research answers questions from Members and their staff and provides support to the Senedd’s Committees. This dashboard helps us do that and is available to provide headline information.


Data sources

COVID-19 statistics are reported by PHW on its dashboard every day apart from Saturday. PHW publishes a range of data on confirmed cases, testing episodes and deaths, along with data on hospital admissions, GP respiratory consultations, NHS Direct and 111 calls, schools surveillance, lateral flow testing and vaccinations. PHW cautions that all the data published on its dashboard is provisional and will be subject to future revision.

The Welsh Government’s COVID-19 interactive dashboard provides an overview of data and associated direct and indirect impacts of the pandemic on society and the economy.

PHW also publishes vaccination data on its dashboard. The latest data is analysed in our articles on COVID-19 vaccination data and which groups have lower rates of vaccine uptake?

Public Health England publishes its data in a dashboard. The Scottish Government publishes daily statistics on its website with the National Records of Scotland publishing a weekly update. The Department of Health in Northern Ireland publishes daily statistics on its dashboard. The UK Government publishes daily data collated from across the UK.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) also has a dashboard showing confirmed cases and deaths around the world.

You can download the latest data from PHW in this spreadsheet.

Article by Joe Wilkes, Helen Jones and Lucy Morgan, Senedd Research, Welsh Parliament