Coronavirus: help and information for people in Wales

Published 17/03/2020   |   Last Updated 07/04/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

Senedd Research stops publishing new research and analysis during the pre-election period, from 7 April to 6 May. This article won’t be updated during this time. You can find links to the most recent data and information in our Coronavirus (COVID-19) signposting article.

People in Wales have many questions about coronavirus related to employment rights, benefits, business support, travel, food, retail, cancellations, education and lots more. Members of the Senedd and their staff are receiving lots of these enquiries.

Senedd Research will answer questions from Members and their staff through the usual enquiry process, but we’ve also collated some links to reliable information to help people in Wales.

It’s really important to follow guidance from official and reputable sources. These pages should be used as primary sources of information, rather than news websites or social media.

On 12 March the First Minister announced the first steps out of lockdown. You can find guidance on the restrictions from 27 March, as Wales moves from alert level 4 to alert level 3.

The Welsh Government has a webpage for all of its coronavirus information, and a page dedicated to addressing misinformation – coronavirus: the facts. There is also guidance on staying safe and social distancing, coronavirus and the law, self-isolating and what people and businesses can and can’t dotesting and tracing. The Welsh Government published a coronavirus control plan for Wales on 18 August and alert levels on 14 December (updated 19 March). It set out challenges and priorities for coronavirus reconstruction on 6 October.

The Welsh Elections (Coronavirus) Bill, introduced to respond to the potential risks to the Senedd elections planned in May 2021 has been approved . You can read our summary of the Bill.

You can also view our timeline of key developments in Wales and the UK.


You can read a summary of employment-related support, employment rights for people in Wales, youth unemployment and remote working in our articles.

Advice services
Business support

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Social housing and supported accommodation


Moving Home

Health and social care


You can read our articles on vaccination deployment, vaccination data, where vaccines are being given, statistics for cases and deaths, registered deaths,  Test, Trace, Protect coronavirus and the NHS, adult social care and mental health.

Testing and contact tracing


Accessing services

Health and care workers


Teaching and learning

Staff and pupil health and well-being

Vulnerable and disadvantaged learners

Other school-related topics

Awarding of qualifications

Universities, further education and apprenticeships
Transport and travel


Public Transport


Overseas travel

Food and retail
Vulnerable groups

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Culture, the Welsh language, tourism and sport

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Agriculture, fisheries and forestry

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Animal welfare

You can find more help and information for the end of the Brexit transition period in our blog.

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