Welsh Government Budget 2022-23 – Explore the budget

Published 22/12/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The Welsh Government published its 2022-23 Draft Budget on 20 December.

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The infographics below summarise the key allocations by government department and how these have changed from last year.

Revenue Departmental Expenditure Limit (DEL): £18,827m (up by £2,458m or 15.0%). Capital DEL: £2,607m (up by £122m or 4.9%). Total DEL: £21,434m (up by £2,580m or 13.7%). Annually Managed Expenditure (AME): £2,299m (up by £53m or 2.3%). Total Managed Expenditure (TME): £23,733m (up by £2,632m or 12.5%).

Table of total revenue and capital allocation by department. Health and Social Services: £10,137m (up by £966m or 10.5%). Finance and Local Government: £4,609m (up by £489m or 11.9%). Climate Change: £2,756m (up by £363m or 15.2%). Education and the Welsh Language: £2,531m (up by £622m or 32.6%). Economy: £527m (up by £48m or 9.9%). Rural Affairs: £393m (up by £37m or 10.3%). Central Services and Administration: £354m (up by £32m or 10.1%). Social Justice: £127m (up by £22m or 21.0%).


*Excludes around £1 billion non-domestic rates income.

**Includes allocation of £459 million of non-fiscal revenue due to student loans.

Figures are rounded. Refer to the Welsh Government Draft Budget 2022-23 for exact figures.

Budget terminology is explained in our budget glossary.

Article by Martin Jennings, Senedd Research, Welsh Parliament