Welsh Government Budget 2019-20

Welsh Government Budget 2019-20

Welsh Government Budget 2019-20

Published 02/10/2018   |   Last Updated 14/12/2020   |   Reading Time minutes

Draft Budget | Final Budget

On 02 October 2018 the Welsh Government published their outline draft budget 2019-20 which set out the high level Government's spending, taxation and borrowing plans for the financial year. The Finance Committee scrutinised this budget over the following 8 weeks. A more detailed draft budget was published on 23 October. Other committees scrutinised this budget for the following five weeks.


Summary of Assembly Committee 2019-20 Budget scrutiny
Summary of key themes from 2019-20 Draft Budget scrutiny and debates.


Detailed Draft Budget 2019-20 Tables
Tables showing the amount allocated to each Main Expenditure Group (MEG) with year on year and real term changes.


Finance Budget Committee Scrutiny
Link to the Finance Committee scrutiny of the budget, exploring financial readiness for the 2019-20 year.


This budget timetable outlines the scrutiny of the draft budget 2019-20.