New publication: Remote working – spatial implications in Wales

Published 10/03/2021   |   Last Updated 10/03/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The Senedd’s Economy, Infrastructure and Skills (EIS) Committee has published a report (PDF) led by Dr Darja Reuschke at the University of Southampton on co-working spaces and geographical trends in remote working.

The work was commissioned under the Senedd Research COVID-19 Expert Register scheme, through which academics assist the Senedd with its work on the impacts of the COVID-19.

The EIS Committee requested the study to inform its inquiry on Remote Working: Implications for Wales, which it undertook following the Welsh Government announcing a long-term ambition for 30% of the Welsh workforce to work remotely on a regular basis. The Committee was keen to build a greater evidence base in relation to remote working, as this is an emerging policy area.

The report covers:

  • geographical analysis of home working trends;
  • trends in the use of co-working spaces;
  • analysis of the different types of co-working spaces that exist in Wales; and
  • international best practice around governmental support for co-working spaces.

Remote working – spatial implications in Wales (PDF), Dr Darja Reuschke, Professor Nick Clifton and Dr Jed Long


Article by Gareth Thomas, Senedd Research, Welsh Parliament