Coronavirus: Senedd to debate Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee reports

Published 29/06/2020   |   Last Updated 08/12/2020   |   Reading Time minutes

The Senedd’s Economy Infrastructure and Skills (EIS) Committee has published two reports setting out its early findings on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on areas within its remit.

Both will be debated in the Senedd on 1 July.

The Committee’s first report, the Impact of COVID-19: Summary of initial findings (PDF 206KB) was published on 4 June. It considered issues affecting the economy, transport and skills and made 34 recommendations.

The second report, the Impact of COVID-19: Skills – early findings (PDF 107KB) was published on 19 June and focused exclusively on skills. Its 8 recommendations cover the health and wellbeing of apprentices, youth unemployment and training.

Given the short time since publication, the Welsh Government has not yet responded to either report.

The Committee is also undertaking an “open call for evidence and experiences” in relation to the pandemic. Written evidence received in response is published on its website.

Senedd Research has published a range of articles relevant to the issues covered by the reports and the wider Economy and Transport portfolio. A few of our key articles are listed below, along with some wider sources relevant to the Plenary debate:

Article by Andrew Minnis, Senedd Research, Welsh Parliament

We’ve published a range of material on the coronavirus pandemic, including a post setting out the help and guidance available for people in Wales and a timeline of Welsh and UK governments’ response.

You can see all our coronavirus-related publications by clicking here. All are updated regularly.