A new plan for a Net Zero Wales

Published 02/12/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The Welsh Government published Net Zero Wales Carbon Budget 2 (2021-25) (“the Net Zero Plan” or “the Plan”) on 28 October 2021. It sets out how Wales will meet its second carbon budget (CB2), and build the foundations for Carbon Budget 3 (CB3) and the 2030 emissions reduction target, as well as net zero by 2050. The targets and budgets are summarised our previous article on the Path to Net Zero.

The Net Zero Plan fulfils the Welsh Minister’s statutory duty (under the Environment (Wales) Act 2016) to prepare and publish a report, before the end of 2021, setting out the policies and proposals for meeting CB2. It contains 123 policies and proposals across all ministerial portfolios. The plan follows the low carbon delivery plan (LDCP1) for Carbon Budget 1 (CB1), Prosperity for All: A low carbon Wales, published in March 2019.

This research briefing summarises the decarbonisation framework in Wales, progress in reducing emissions, and outlines the ambition, policies and proposals within the Plan. It outlines initial stakeholder views and how the Plan fits with the wider UK Net Zero Strategy.

Article by Chloe Corbyn, Senedd Research, Welsh Parliament