Welsh Government Draft Budget 2020-21

Welsh Government Draft Budget 2020-21

Welsh Government Budget 2020-21

Published 01/10/2019   |   Last Updated 27/05/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

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On 19 November 2019 the Welsh Government published their outline draft budget 2020-21 which sets out the Government's high level spending, taxation and borrowing plans for the current financial year. The Finance Committee scrutinise this budget over the following 8 weeks alongside the policy committees.


2020-21 Budget timetable

June 2019 - Finance Committee

Pre Draft Budget stakeholder event in Aberystwyth

Summer recess 2019 - Open call for evidence

The Finance Committee will run a consultation during summer recess to inform later scrutiny of draft budget in Assembly committees

4 September 2019 - UK Spending Round led to delayed Welsh Government Budget

6 November 2019 - UK Budget published

16 December 2019

Outline Draft Budget published

Outline proposals set out the high-level strategic spending, taxation and financing plans of the Welsh Government and supporting narrative. Scrutinised by the Finance Committee.

16 December 2019

Detailed Draft Budget published

Budget proposals for each portfolio at the Budget Expenditure Line level with supporting narrative. Scrutinised by policy committees.

31 January 2020 - All committees reporting deadline

4 February 2020 - Draft Budget debate in Plenary

25 February 2020 - Final Budget published

3 March 2020 - Final Budget debate