Interactive diagram to explore the 2023-24 Final Budget

Published 06/03/2023   |   Last Updated 16/03/2023   |   Reading Time minutes

The 2023-24 Budget sets out the Welsh Government's spending plans for the financial year. It outlines how much money has been allocated to the Government and its associated departments and agencies such as health boards or local authorities. The 2023-24 Final Budget was published on 28 February 2023.

About this visualisation

You can use this tool to explore the 2023-24 Final Budget. It lets you see the draft budget allocations at different levels, from portfolio down to Budget Expenditure Line (the most detailed level available).

The values shown in the diagram and table are revenue plus capital allocations. The size of each node is scaled according to its proportion of the budget level. Different colours represent different portfolios.

Under 'view options', you can select to display the percentage change on the figures in the Draft Budget. In this view, the circle sizes scale with the change. The node colours are red for a decrease and blue for an increase with darker shades indicating a larger percentage change.

Controls for the table positioning and a full-screen mode are available in 'view options'.

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