What is the Senedd’s role with regard to Welsh Government finance and spending​?

Published 30/11/2020   |   Last Updated 14/12/2020   |   Reading Time minutes

The Welsh Government is accountable to the Senedd for the way in which it allocates funding, raises and spends tax income in Wales and manages borrowing.

The overarching role of budget scrutiny in the Senedd is undertaken by the Finance Committee, with subject committees scrutinising their own subject areas of responsibility.

Committees also have a role in holding the Government to account for policy decisions with financial consequences and any changes to budgetary allocations made in-year.

The Public Accounts Committee has a role to ensure proper and thorough scrutiny is given to Welsh Government expenditure.  The Committee considers reports prepared by the Auditor General for Wales on the accounts of the Welsh Government and other public bodies, and on the economy, efficiency and effectiveness with which resources were employed in the discharge of public functions.

The Senedd is able to scrutinise in the Chamber through member's questions or debates.