UK-EU relations: the responsibilities of new Welsh Ministers

Published 22/06/2021   |   Last Updated 22/06/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

UK-EU relations are mainly governed by two key treaties:

The Withdrawal Agreement sets the terms for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

The Trade and Cooperation Agreement sets up their new relationship.

Both treaties contain devolved matters, for which the Welsh Government is responsible for implementing, such as fisheries, health, the economy and the environment. Our recent article gives an overview of the new relationship and how it affects life in Wales.

The First Minister announced his new Cabinet in May 2021. Every new Welsh Government Minister has responsibilities to deliver the new UK-EU arrangements, albeit some more so than others.

The areas covered by the two treaties fall across every Welsh Government department, as do their obligations and implications.

Our infographic shows each Minister and where their responsibilities intersect with the main parts of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and/or Withdrawal Agreement.*

The infographic is a circle comprised of three layers. The central layer shows each Welsh Government Minister, the middle layer shows their relevant UK-EU responsibilities and the outer layer shows the corresponding parts of the treaties. For full details, follow the download link below.

Download as a table


*Both treaties are highly complex and contain cross-cutting elements. This infographic has been created by Senedd Research for the purpose of illustrating the Welsh Government Minister with lead responsibility for each main area.

Although the First Minister will lead on ‘Wales in Europe’, it is not clear what this encompasses. What is clear is that there’s no longer one single Minister responsible for EU-related matters, as with the previous government.

This will require UK-EU relations to be embedded across all parts of the Welsh Government and the Senedd will closely scrutinise this new approach.

Article by Sara Moran and Joe Wilkes, Senedd Research, Welsh Parliament