UK Agriculture Bill 2019-21

Published 18/05/2020   |   Last Updated 27/05/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

This research briefing provides an overview of the UK Agriculture Bill 2019-21, as it relates to Wales. It also highlights key differences between the Bill and its predecessor, the UK Agriculture Bill 2017-19, and summarises the scrutiny undertaken on both Bills by the Senedd’s Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs (CCERA) Committee.

The Committee has recommended that the Senedd give legislative consent to the Bill, subject to certain conditions.

Read the briefing here: UK Agriculture Bill 2019-21 (PDF, 685KB)


Article by Katy Orford and Elfyn Henderson, Senedd Research, Welsh Parliament

This research briefing has drawn on the House of Commons Library briefing paper on the UK Agriculture Bill 2019-20 by Sarah Coe and Jonathan Finlay.