The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill explained

Published 20/09/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

The Senedd must soon decide whether to consent to the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill.

Our briefing explains how the Bill would disapply parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol and the Withdrawal Agreement in domestic law, empower UK Ministers to disapply more parts in future and to put new arrangements in place without the EU’s input or consent.

UK Ministers could pass on their regulation making powers to Welsh Ministers, and the Bill would allow UK Ministers to determine scrutiny arrangements at the Senedd.

Use our interactive tool for a quick overview of each of the Bill’s 26 clauses. Select all clauses or view them by category and click on a clause number for a description.  

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* CJEU = Court of Justice of the European Union

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Clause 1

Clause 1 provides an overview of the Bill’s main provisions.

Article by Sara Moran and Joe Wilkes, Senedd Research, Welsh Parliament