Photograph of purchasing an apple at a market

Photograph of purchasing an apple at a market

Food (Wales) Bill - Bill Summary

Published 18/05/2023   |   Reading Time minutes

The Food (Wales) Bill was introduced as a ‘Member Bill’ at the end of last year, following Peter Fox’s success in the Member Bill ballot.

The Bill aims to provide a new overarching framework for a better food system. Its key objective is to integrate economic, health, social, education and environmental considerations to create a more sustainable and coherent approach to food. It would legislate in three main areas to:

  • introduce ‘food goals’: comprising a ‘primary food goal’ and ‘secondary food goals’ with targets;
  • establish a Welsh Food Commission to monitor progress, advise Welsh Ministers and assist public bodies in relation to their duties under the Bill; and
  • require production of a national food strategy and local food plans.

The Bill has been welcomed by many stakeholders who have argued the Welsh Government’s current approach to food is disjointed.

The Bill was referred to the Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee for Stage 1 scrutiny. Although the Committee unanimously supported the policy objectives of the Bill, it could not come to a unified position on the need for legislation to deliver those objectives. Therefore it is not providing a recommendation to the Senedd on whether it should agree the Bill’s general principles. The Senedd will debate and vote on the general principles on 24 May 2023.

This new Senedd Research briefing summarises the Bill and the issues which arose during Stage 1 scrutiny.

Our infographic below provides a tool to understand what the Bill does.

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Section 1

Section 1 imposes a duty on public bodies to advance the primary and secondary food goals.

Article by Dr Katy Orford, Senedd Research, Welsh Parliament