Enquiry service

Confidential answers to questions relating to your committee, plenary, legislation and constituency work.

Casework hub

Constituency funding guides, statistical constituency profiles, sources of legal information, welfare benefits advice and 'hotline' numbers for key government agencies - all available together on the Members' intranet.

Finance, budgets and statistics

Advice on public finance, budgets, taxation, as well as support to source and interpret statistics, including visualisations

Committee support

Research and advice is provided for each committee, including briefings and further support.


High quality, impartial research articles, publications, and data visualisations, which are published to our website (research.senedd.wales) for everyone to read. Keep up to date by following us on Twitter @SeneddResearch.

Library and information services

Publications, periodicals, newspapers, electronic resources and assistance are available from our reading rooms and remotely via the Members' intranet.

Training, guidance and support

Including introductory sessions on how to make the most of our services; how to use specific databases and research tools; how to find, analyse and use statistics; and subject specific policy briefings.

External and international affairs

Advice on European and global institutions, trade and international affairs.

Constitutional and legislative support

Advice on devolution and the legislative process in Wales and the UK, including support with the development of legislative proposals and all stages of the Member Bill process.

Knowledge exchange

We support the exchange of information and expertise between external researchers and the Senedd. Working with researchers and institutions from Wales and beyond, we facilitate and strenghten the exchange of knowledge in a range of ways.

Mapping services

Interactive maps to help you understand and compare Senedd geographical data, and static maps displaying constituencies, regions and other areas in a range of scales on request.