Coronavirus: Bill Summary

Published 24/03/2020   |   Last Updated 27/05/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

Today, Tuesday 24 March the Assembly debated and voted on giving consent to the UK Government’s Coronavirus Bill.

The Bill has been introduced to the UK Parliament to give the UK Government and devolved administrations temporary emergency powers to enhance the ability of public bodies across the UK to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. The Bill covers five key areas:

  • increasing the available health and social care workforce;
  • easing the burden on frontline staff in the NHS and beyond (including mental health; social care providers; education and childcare; ports; courts);
  • containing and slowing the virus (including events and gatherings; premises; elections; police powers)
  • managing the deceased with respect and dignity; and
  • protecting and supporting people (including statutory sick pay; food supply).

This Bill Summary provides more information on the provisions in the Bill and their implications for Wales. The Bill will be considered in the House of Lords tomorrow, before returning to the House of Commons.

Read the briefing here: Coronavirus: Bill Summary (PDF, 538KB)


Article by Sarah Hatherley, Senedd Research, National Assembly for Wales