Explore the Welsh Government’s Final Budget 2020-21

Published 28/02/2020   |   Last Updated 27/05/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The Final Budget 2020-21 was published on 25 February. There are very few changes from the Draft Budget 2020-21. There is a net increase in cash revenue and capital allocations of £4 million, or 0.02% of the total allocated budget.

This interactive tool enables you to view more detail of how the budget is allocated. Comparisons can be made with the Second Supplementary Budget 2019-20, February 2020

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2020-21 Final Budget:  
2020-21 Final Budget
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2019-20 2nd Supplementary Budget:  
Change 2020-21 on 2019-20
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The budget document states that the Welsh Government’s ability to make additional funding allocations in this Final Budget has been hampered by the risk that the coming UK Budget on 11 March causes significant changes to the available Welsh Budget.

The Finance Minister and Trefnydd, Rebecca Evans, made a commitment to provide an early statement on the UK Budget implications on tax forecasts and detail on funding consequentials to Wales.

The Welsh Government is reflecting on recommendations Assembly Committees have made during scrutiny of the Draft Budget and will respond ahead of the Final Budget debate which will take place on 3 March.

There is a reference to the previously announced £10 million provided for emergency flood relief, but only that some of this spending could spread into 2020-21. So there is no change to funding linked to the recent flooding in the final budget. However, the costs associated with the damage from flooding in the longer term is expected to be significant. Any further financial support would be announced subsequently and included in a future supplementary budget.

For further details of changes see the Welsh Government’s Final Budget narrative document and associated budget tables.

What does the tool show?

The interactive diagram lets you see the Final Budget allocations at different levels, from portfolio down to Budget Expenditure Line (the most detailed level available).

The values displayed are revenue plus capital allocations. The size of each circle is scaled according to its proportion of the Budget level. The colours represent different portfolios. Further details are given in the 'Budget information' drop-down.

Under ‘view options’, you can select a comparison of the Budget with the previous financial year (the Second Supplementary Budget 2019-20). Cash or real-terms percentage change can be displayed.

In these views, the circle colours are red for a decrease and blue for an increase with darker shades indicating a larger percentage change. The circle sizes scale with the absolute change.

A datasheet containing the information presented can be downloaded here.

Article by Joe Wilkes and Martin Jennings, Senedd Research, National Assembly for Wales.